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I've been in this business for more then a quarter of my life. I've worked with several dozen different freelancers across several different mediums. I KNOW what quality work really is. Ovi and his proficient team of programmers are the DEFINITION of quality. Let me explain why: - You will receive updates EVERY WEEKDAY on what's going on with your project. - You will communicate in an intelligent and effective English language. This is huge when you want to get your 'abstract' ideas across. - You will see QUICK progression in work tasks. My first project took around 2 weeks. I was expecting it to last 1 month! - You'll receive a HIGH STANDARD of coding. I've dealt with both extremely talented and extremely inept programmers. Ovi and this team are in the top tier of that pyramid. Let GeniiWeb handle your first project, and you will be surprised just how talented they are. I guarantee it! -George McCumiskey http://focusacne.com

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