Saleawaywithme Website


Saleawaywithme shows you the best online offers on a large range of categories. It shows offers from well known companies like GAP, Best Buy in a stylish manner. Searches can be performed so the users will find the offers based on their needs. After registration users can set to receive the newsletter with the offers matching their interest and preferences.

I was very impressed with the quality of Geniiweb's work in building a customized e-mail newsletter and consumer-facing website. They knew exactly what they were doing and did a professional and complete job. In terms of outsourcing projects, this would rank among my top experiences. Their product and technical acumen is very good; I didn't have to explain the bare details of each feature. In addition, Geniiweb went above and beyond the project expectations, and still finished the job in a reasonable amount of time. I recommend them most highly.

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